Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blanket For Miss J

When my sister told me she was having a girl, she asked me to make my niece to be a blanket. Happy was a month old at the time and I was still trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mother of three. Let's be honest...I'm not sure I'll ever master it. 

I started the blanket that December in 2014.

I finished it December 26, 2016. 

A project that should have taken two weeks tops, took me over 2 years. 

BUT....if I had finished it 2 years ago, I wouldn't have gotten the thank-you hugs and snuggles and I wouldn't have gotten to see Miss J enjoy the blanket. 
Sometimes procrastination is not a bad thing.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Currently: January 2017

Watching: American Horror Story. 
We are currently in the second season. I enjoyed the first season more, but I like that it's a different story each season. 

Reading: Tonight I plan to start My Beloved Brontosaurus by Brian Switek. 
It snatched me up at the first line "I once was a dinosaur." I'm so happy my father gifted it to me for Christmas, the dinosaur loving kid in me can't wait to dig in. 

Listening: Neil Gaiman: Where's Neil when you need him? 
Another gift from my father and signed by Neil Gaiman this album is a collection of songs written by various artists and based around their favorite works of Neil Gaiman. Not all the songs are to my taste, but it's a fun listen and one I look forward to trying when I have a chance to listen and have a good look at the artists and notes from Mr. Gaiman. 

Making: I just finished making a few things for Christmas, but I wasn't able to make Happy's stocking...and I'm now two years late on that project so I'll be trying to get that done before the end of the month. 

Feeling: Like I'm coming down with something AGAIN, but we are starting Spark People again and we are going to stick with it. I haven't felt well for a long time now and I know it has to do with how we have been unhealthy couch potatoes for too long. 

Planning: On turning the total chaos that is our home into a more organized chaos. It might be a laughable project with the three boys running around, but I'm going to give it a shot. 

Loving: The weather today. 
It felt like Spring and it was perfect day for our first walk of the year. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Eight is Great

My Munchman turned eight on Friday. I've been a Mama for eight years and it's been an amazing ride so far. 

Munch has always been the most laid back kid and unless he's super tired just goes along with the flow. 

He is the best helper and sometimes takes it upon himself to play third parent in the house. 

Munch loves books and would swallow them whole if he could. He always has his nose in a book and in second grade is reading books I was reading in fifth and sixth. 

Munch is my fussy eater and really would prefer if most fruits and veggies just didn't exist, but he LOVES pineapple. 

He loves history and is a super fan of all things ancient Egypt. It is so fun to watch him soak it in. 

He is a great friend, a Boy Scout, a huge hugger, an awesome kid and he is so so smart. He is so amazing in so many ways and I love being his Mama.
Eight is going to be fantastic.

Friday, September 02, 2016

On Nox Turning Six

Mr. Nox turned SIX on Tuesday.

Lately he's been craving alone time. I feel for him. Alone time is a rare and wonderful thing in our house; five humans and three animals can be hard to escape. There have been a few times that I've found him hiding in his closet. I wish I could find such a peaceful spot.

Nox wears his heart firmly on his sleeve. He loves fiercely and still believes the world should be a fair and just place. (Although, sometimes he gets fair for everyone and fair for himself confused.) 

 He mostly avoids snuggles and hugs unless he's saying goodbye or goodnight....breaks this Mama's heart, because this kid gives some awesome monster hugs. Forget holding hands anymore. He is WAY too big for that.

This Summer was the Summer of Wild Kratts. Happy requested every day and Nox soaked up every episode that we could get. It's so much fun hearing what new facts he picked up.

.He started First Grade last week and loves it so far. He is so excited to tell me all about his day when I go pick him up. He still has a few Summer cobwebs to brush from his brain, but he can't wait to learn more.

He is so smart and bright. He is quick to smile, with a side of fiery temper. He has a cheeky, crooked grin that lights up the room. He loves to read to his little brother. He enjoys playing endless games of Plants Vs. Zombies and building Bionicles with his older brother. For the third year running he's the Mixel Master.

LOVE this kid. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy at TWO

On Monday my little ball of crazy happy chaos turned TWO. Every year when birthdays roll around I'm always in awe of how quickly time can pass. It's insanity. 

Happy is a pro at keeping everyone on their toes. If he can't do something he figures it out quickly. Fridge door? Mastered
Baby Gates? Pretty much pointless. 
Doors? Lock them, because he WILL get in...or let himself right out.
Sleep? Okay, this is a work in progress, but we WILL get there. 

The Doctor and I had been a little concerned about his speech, but in the last few months he has just blossomed. So many words and new ones everyday. Yay!!
AND he recently decided to officially start calling me "MA!" Loud and clear. It's usually when he is demanding something, but that and "Mama" are the best words ever. 

He is a HUGE fan of trains. He loves dinosaurs, dragons and anything else that has the ability to ROAR. The furkids are his best buddies and are insanely patient with him and all his love. His big brothers are his Idols and even though I don't think they realize it half the time, Happy watches everything they do with awe.

He loves dancing with Mickey Mouse, choo-chooing with Thomas, exploring the ocean with The Octonauts and learning about all things prehistoric with Buddy and The Dinosaur Train.

His biggest obsession, currently, is water (or really anything in liquid form). All drinks need to be pushed as far back on the counter as possible. Kaiser's water bowl is NOT safe. If Happy gets a drink you can be sure he'll turn it into a water toy and Daddy recently taught him how to work the water hose, so if you join Happy outside prepare to get soaked.

Happy is part monkey, part volcano and full of giggles. He is a puddle jumping, stick loving, outdoor explorer. He doesn't like strangers a whole lot, but once you win his affection he loves you fiercely. 

He is my littlest heart and at two he is ready to take on the world.
Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you.